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Piezonizer Air Nozzle Model ASHP-02(F)

Piezoelectric ionizing air nozzle ANHP-02 installed a photoelectric switch to control both power supply and air supply and photoelectric induce distance is adjustable.

Main Features
● Built-in piezoelectric high voltage adaptor; without high voltage wiring; safe and convenient to operate
● Auto ion balance, 0±10V
● Equipped with ionization indicator light and high voltage abnormality alarm indicator light
● Special alloy discharge needle, durable and wearable; suitable for cleanroom application
● Various nozzles with different purposes are available
●  Signal output function is supplied.
● CE standard approved.

หัวเป่าป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ (Ionizer Nozzle/Ionizing Nozzle)

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