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Piezonizer Ion Blow Gun AGHP-02

Being light, small and free from electromagnetism disturbance, the device incorporates with built-in piezoelectric high voltage power supply. Thus, it is safe to operate. The device is also equipped with auto ion balance system and high voltage abnormality monitoring system. 

หัวเป่าป้องกันไฟฟ้าสถิตย์ (Ionizer Air Gun/Ionizing Air Gun)

Outline of Piezonizer Ion Blow Gun AGHP-02

Specification of Piezonizer Ion Blow Gun AGHP-02

Decay Time of Piezonizer Ion Blow Gun AGHP-02

Main Features
●The lightest and smallest design in the world today.
●Built-in piezoelectric high voltage adaptor; without high voltage wiring; safe and convenient to operate
●Both the inside high voltage power supply. and outside compressed air supply can be opened after pulling the trigger,.Easy operation and high efficiency
●Equipped with ionization indicator light and high voltage abnormality alarm indicator light
●Auto ion balance, 0±10V
●Special alloy discharge needle, durable and wearable;
suitable for cleanroom application
●Controller and power supply cord are standard accessories.